Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking

If you are like me , in today's world you do not have much time for anything let alone sitting down to create a scrapbook for your family and friends. With a busy day full of picking up kids from school and running from here and there all those precious photos are just going to waste.

Well.. there is an answer. Digital scrapbooking. Yes, digital scrapbooking. Digital scrapbooking is just like regular scrapbooking, but it is done all on the computer! No real papers needed nor even a scissors! Digital scrapbooking is basically creating scrapbook pages using photos you have stored on your computer or photo CD along with graphics from the web to create wonderful lasting memories in the form of a scrapbook page. To create one of these master pieces all you need is basic computer skills and a digital graphics program such as Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshope (or Elements)..of course other programs can be used also.

There are so many advantages to ‘digi scrapping’, for one thing, there’s no glue, no mess! If all of your photos exist on your computer, why not keep them there and scrapbook them? Other than an inexpensive graphics program, there is no further cost to digi scrapping. Once you have created your digital layouts, you can put them into a digital album, upload them to your photo sharing website, burn them onto a CD or DVD, and there’s no bulky albums taking up shelving space.

To get started all you have to do is take the photo you wish to scrap and find a cute scrapbook kit to work with in your graphics program. There are a lot of awesome digital scrapbook kit designers out there that sell papers, alphabets, wordart, templates, quickpages and Embellishments. You can even find mega kits for sale for a good price if you look hard enough!

Don't have the cash to buy some scrapbook kits to start with? Well.. there are many sites out there on the web that also offer free downloads! You can find loads of free kits to use!

At My Great Retreat there is an amazing forum just for crafts and digital scrapbooking alike! Here you will find links to free digital scrapbooking sites amd Tutorials. My Great Retreat even has amazing weekly Digital Scrapbooking Challenges in which you can take part and show off your skills.

For anyone who has said “digi scrapping” is too hard, too expensive, or too time consuming – it simply isn’t true and it’s getting more and more exciting and easy as more and more people discover this truly wonderful form of scrapbooking... so give it a try yourself and see what all the craze is about.. but be careful as it quickly becomes addicting!

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