Sunday, January 31, 2010

Win It Wednesday: What Is It?

Every Wednesday, Meghan picks a new WAHM (Work At Home Mom) or business owner to feature on her blog for a giveaway. It's called Win It Wednesday.

This week we'd like to display some that have been featured in the past as well as let you know how you could get involved in this great and fun way to get your business name out there.

In the past, the following have been featured:

and many others!!!

So, how do you get involved? Here is how:

1. Send Meghan a message telling her you'd like to get involved.

2. Please include your name, store web address, a short description of what you sell, and the best way to get in contact with you.

3. A date will then be picked that works for both.

4. You will then send a short bio about your store, your store web address, and a few pictures of what youre going to do for the giveaway and if its a custom item, similar pictures of products you've made in the past.

5. The contest ends on Wednesday nights at 9pm CST. A winner will be picked using

6. Meghan will then contact you to give you the email address of the winner. It's then up to you to get in contact with the winner and ship their item.

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