Monday, March 1, 2010

MGR Monday: March 1, 2010

MGR has lots going on in March and we want to make sure you know about it all! It's madness!  

1. Weekly Auctions. We just concluded our first MGR auction. Micael won an adorable custom vinyl wall hanging from one of our members, prariestorm! Make sure youre around and checking out the upcoming auctions. They will be in the Coffee Talk forum!  

2. Co-ops: Carey has some great co-ops planned. We just concluded "Naturally Pampered" and "Everyday Minerals". Some of the upcoming ones are: CraftMonkey (applique tee's), Prairiestorm Designs (vinyl lettering), Little Painted Polka Dot (adorable stamped jewelry and gifts), Frontier, A Time To Dye, and many more! Check out the co-op forum for more details!  

3. ATTENTION ALL SITE SUPPORTERS! You now have a forum just for you! If you are a site supporter, please make sure you can see the forum. Instead of sending out PM's to all the site supporters about when their account is up for renewal, we've created a forum for you to subscribe to. (I got this idea from a friend on another forum and am so thankful for it!) :) If you aren't already a site supporter and would like to know the perks that come with being one, click this link:  

4. We are looking for a Resident Designer. Please click here if you are interested.  

5. 7 Days Left to get in on the special for banner advertising. Click here for more details:  

6. MGR has social icons for you to share on your blog, website, etc! Click here to get the coding for them!  

7. Make sure youre a follower and read the MGR blog!  

8. Subscribe to the MGR tweets!  

9. As always, you can become a fan of MGR on Facebook. Just type in "my great retreat" and join.  

10. There are TONS of great ways to win prizes on our forum right now. (1) Picture Play Contest, (2) Blog Assignments, (3) Scrapbooking Assignments, (4) Photography Assignments, (5) And the newest is the Chat For Fun Contest (located in the contest forum). Great prizes!  

We hope you have a great March and hope Spring reaches you very soon!  

MGR Team

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